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946 Dragon 125 Euro 5


With a limited release of 1888 numbered bikes, the Vespa 946 Dragon is sure to become a collector's item. It honours both the lunar calendar and the magnificent, powerful beast it is named after. Each and every Dragon is crafted by hand in Italy, presenting the future Vespa archetype while reinterpreting the most recognisable features of the original Vespa prototypes in a modern tone.

946 Dragon 125 Euro 5

Beige Dragon
Beige Dragon

946 Dragon 125 Euro 5

A collectors item

In this limited edition collection, the legendary power of the dragon blends with the DNA of the Vespa. The magnificent lunar calendar symbol is celebrated in this numbered limited edition of just 1888 pieces. The Vespa 946 Dragon, a collector's piece that combines culture, creativity, and exceptional attention to detail, is bursting with energy and explosive force.


Myth and elegance combine

A striking green dragon design that seems to prance across the gold-coloured chassis is completed with a combination of gloss and matte finishes, producing a striking contrast. Every bike is made even more distinctive with US varsity-style numerals that symbolise the years in which the lunar calendar honours the dragon.

An Italian work of art

The Vespa 946 has become the benchmark for the subsequent generation of Vespas. An authentic piece of art in Italian manufacturing, it presents a modern take on the distinctive features of the original MP6, the prototype that went on to become one of the most cherished and recognisable items worldwide. The Vespa 946 Dragon's audacious spirit is the ideal homage to the heritage and cutting-edge technology of this esteemed Vespa.